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Our annual The Easter Project is now completed! As we reflected and contemplated Jesus' sacrifice and resurrection, we wanted to engage in a project that helps show tangibly this new life in Christ by providing for the needs of our fellow community members (see Gal 2:10).


This year, we partnered with Shalon Armstrong of the Lunch Program in Cambridge to come alongside her ministry in providing children in our community with a simple lunch bag to take to school, children who may come from challenging backgrounds. We are excited to announce that we collected over 240 items! We pray not only that physical needs are met, but that God would use this ministry to show His love and grace to those in our community. 


Connect groups are resuming on April 16! 

Click here for more info about connect groups.

If you'd like to join a connect group, you can fill out a connect card!


Monthly prayer nights is where we intentionally come together as a church and pray for our community, each other, and the church.

We meet every second Wednesday of each month at Good News Church from 7-8pm.

Upcoming prayer nights (2024): 

Apr 10 

May 8

Jun 12

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