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You have attended Good News Church and want to become more involved; great! What's next? 

First, we want to say that we welcome everyone, regardless of their background or knowledge about God, Christianity, or the Bible. We have people who have been following Christ most of their lives, and people who are curious to learn more about the Christian faith. We do have a doctrinal statement that we hold to, which you can read here, but we also believe that each person should form their own convictions about their beliefs. 

Second, church is about community and walking together through life. We do not believe that perfect attendance earns our spot in heaven, but that God's grace through our faith in Jesus grants us eternal life. Meeting together regularly and encouraging one another is simply essential in our spiritual growth. We need each other to keep living for God! 

So in order to grow in our walks with Jesus, these are some steps you can take as a (new) member of Good News Church! 

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